Madhumaar Capsule

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Ayurvedic Remedy for Effective Control on Diabetes mellitus

Therapeutic Use: Madhumaar Capsule is a Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine. It is blend of such Ayurvedic Drugs which have been used since a long time ago in the Textual of Ayurveda for the control of Diabetes mellitus. The Drugs used in this medicine has a miraculous role for management of Diabetes mellitus, Obesity(medh vradhi), Urinary Disorder(prameha/meha), Diabetic wound(mehavrana), Spermaturia(mutrasukra). This Medicine Controls chronic Diabetes mellitus, Increases Vitality, Improves Immunity, Improves Digestion, Improves Blood Circulation, Removes Heart Weakness.

Diabetes is a silent killer and needs proper management. Ayurveda herbs/natural products like Jamun, Karela, Neem, Giloy, Amla, Vijaysaar, Shilajeet helps in regulation of metabolism, thereby managing blood sugar levels. These Herbs/Natural products in Madhumaar helps in Blood sugar management.

Active Ingredients: Emblica officinalis, Aegle marmelos, Tinospora cordifolia, Azadirachta indica, Acacia arbica, Momordia charantia, Syzygium cumini, Gymnema sylvestre, Asphaltum punjabinim, Trigonella foenum graecum

Dosage: One Capsule twice a day after meal with water

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